TIW Private Equity:

1. Is a Sector agnostic Buyout Private Equity Fund.

2. Focuses on consumption driven sectors & domestic demographic dividend to drive superior alpha returns (FMCG, Manufacturing Consumption, digital consumption, real estate services, financial services, auto ancillary, specialty chemicals, pharma, food & Agri etc.)

3. Prefer investing with first generation entrepreneurs who have higher passion & energy to scale organizations & drive exponential growth.

4. Likes taking minimal market risk & prefers execution risk in strong macroeconomic/ sectoral themes.

5. Looks at margin expansion/improving ROE of companies through operating interventions along with Growth Capital as superior driver of return.


  • tiw

    Incubating Ideas

    that seeks out entrepreneurial concepts and back them through investment capital & operational expertise.

  • tiw


    through wealth creation, individual growth, innovative & quality offerings, societal responsibility and environment conservation.

  • tiw

    Changing Lives

    Lives of investors, the fund management, founding members of the assets, employees, customers, partners, suppliers and community & large.

TIW's Pillars of strategy

  • 1

    Buyout Focus

    Better Returns across Time Frames, Geographies and Asset Classes with Less Volatility

  • 2

    Consumption Driven(RoE positive sectors)

    Superior Alpha Returns Through focus on Consumption Driven sectors and Domestic Demographic Dividend

  • 3

    Margin Expansion

    Margin Expansion / Improving RoE, through Operating Interventions along with growth Superior Driven of Returns

  • 4

    Milestone Based Investing

    Low Beta through Milestone Financing Rights and Not Obligations to invest money incrementally across quarters