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TIWPE (Stands for TIW Private Equity) is a leading Indian private equity firm with three successful buyout funds.

TIWPE’s expanding portfolio is SME-focused and sector-agnostic. It has a proven track record of consistently delivering returns to its investors with three successful buyouts in 2016, 2018, and 2020. TIWPE spawns a high Return on Investment (RoI), with positive free cash, and has low capital intensity. Through our investors’ funding, we have accelerated the growth of the portfolio companies and helped investors gain high returns while ensuring higher employee satisfaction in portfolio companies through our management principles and operational transformation of the business.

TIWPE’s (TIW Private Equity) investment approach includes turnarounds, margin expansion, and investment returns following a business consulting approach. Our team of experts ensures our investors’ funds are safe from risk and get their returns irrespective of external situations.

The sector spread of TIWPE’s portfolio includes FMCG, manufacturing consumption, digital consumption, real estate services, financial services, auto ancillary, specialty chemicals, pharma, food & Agri, etc.

Our Vision

Maturing entrepreneurial conceptions by backing them through investment capital & operational expertise

Transformation through wealth creation, individual growth, innovative & quality offerings, societal responsibility, and environment conservation

Changing investors’ lives through fund management, founding members of the assets, employees, customers, partners, suppliers, and community at large

The TIWPE Edge

Market Risk-Free
Invest only in unlisted companies with zero market risk
Sector leverage
Invest no more than 20% capital in one company to thwart over-vulnerability and assure diversification
Limited Sectors
By focusing on consumption-driven sectors & domestic demographic dividends, we can drive superior alpha returns
Multiple liquidity spells
  • Short-term liquidity: Dividends
  • Medium-term liquidity: Buybacks
  • Long-term liquidity: Strategic sale
Control Transactions
By focusing on management control we can improve governance and response time for decisions
Proficient Team
TIWPE’s team is on track to return 28% IRR even in a deficient market situations
Maximum investor rewards with minimum risk factors
We only invest in portfolio companies with zero to low debt to drive milestone-based financing
Best fund managing track report
We have successfully provided investors with multiple funds in good and bad markets for over 2 decades

Our Approach

TIWPE (also known as TIW Private Equity) identifies the company to invest by following dual diligence which includes auditing, reviewing, investigating, and analyzing the financial records of the company.

Companies are evaluated on both macro and micro levels.

Companies are evaluated on both macro and micro levels.

A critical view is taken on the scalability and the growth prospect of the companies

The profile of the founders and/or the management team and their alignment with the business carries high weightage in our assessment of companies that we intend to invest in.

Our Philosophy

We follow a 4 step belief

TIWPE (TIW Private Equity) concentrates on more profitable returns across multi-geographical and multi-asset investments

TIWPE ensures investors always gain superior alpha returns with emphasis on consumption-driven sectors and domestic demographic dividend

Margin Expansion / Improving RoE, via Operating Interventions along with maturing Superior Driven Returns

Low Beta via Milestone Financing Rights and Not Obligations to invest money incrementally across quarters

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